Bosk Porcelain Lighting – 2017

A new body of work exploring the translucent qualities of porcelain clay. These pieces have been hand formed from fine slabs of paper clay. The texture comes from real wood, making each piece individual.

The table lamps have a reclaimed wooden base, and are fully designed, assembled and tested by Imogen.


Single Measures – 2017

In this latest exhibition Imogen’s work is inspired by beach walks. Over the past decade there has been a significant shift in the things that are washed up on the tide.

A passionate environmentalist this theme is often recurrent. Objects that are familiar yet transformed. Contorting the single use plastic items we use everyday to explore how we perceive value.

Slipcast forms are taken from plastic and found materials. They evoke thoughts and a moment of contemplation.

Dying For Dinner ~ 2011

This body of work was made in response to the issues of fishing discard and the effects on the oceans eco system.   She went on to research the pacific soup; a gyre made entirely of waste. This lead to further investigation into our relationship with the oceans and was the basis of her second year degree project. The final piece was an installation made from a collection of precious bead like objects made in both ceramics and blown glass. Each element told a different part of the narrative.

  • Slipcast earthenware vessel. Exterior decorated with cobalt oxide and a white glaze net motif. The interior has been glazed. Individually applied hand drawn fish decals.

Selection of pieces for “Dying for Dinner”.