Am I really all the things surrounding me? 2012

This glass collection was made as my final project in BA Applied Art & Design.

The work see’s me developing my personal design aesthetic alongside techniques learnt whilst working in the hotshop.

All the work is free blown. That means form start to finish is blown and shaped completely by hand and mouth. That makes each piece very unique.

This series was first exhibited at the Leeds Craft and Design centre in 2012.


Dying for Dinner 2011

This series was my response to the Great Pacific Soup. They are part of a larger body of work, see CERAMICS for more.

Conceptually, it references the damage that consumerist culture is doing to the Worlds oceans. I explored a plethora of techniques including decal and colour application, sandblasting pattern and form manipulation.

Subtle use of colour compliments the shape of the forms I make in glass. Once annealed, designs are sandblasted on to the surface. Fire polishing then reduces the density of the texture to create a delicate contrast. The use of decals enables me to add a graphic narrative element to my work.