Jellyfish and other marine life collides with post consumer single use plastic waste. This installation transforms the everyday into an atmospheric yet thought proviking experience

Lit by LED’s the brightly coloured jellyfish float gracefully in the breeze. Each jellyfish is suspended by a single fishing line, so that they move in a very natural way. The piece will be viewable in the day, and light up after dark.

Single use plastic is one of the major ecological concerns of our time.  By creating an environmentally inspired, immersive art installation, the point is to literally illuminate the issue. Encouraging people to understand that they personally play an important role by raising awareness of plastic pollution so they might reduce waste and increase recycling.


Jellyfish parade puppet from Imogen Charleston on Vimeo.





Plastic bag Jellyfish cluster from Imogen Charleston on Vimeo.

It is estimated that 500 billion plastic bags are consumed a year. Let’s change that.

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