Residency & Installations

Residencies & Site Specific Work



No place like home proto_Imogen Charleston No place like home illuminated_Imogen Charleston

2017 – Imogen Charleston – No Place Like Home

What makes a house a home? What goes on behind closed doors? What happens when you suddenly find yourself displaced and without a place to live?

This piece is a response to these questions. Simple porcelain buildings look like any other, until illuminated where they reveal a hidden secret.






2017 – Imogen Charleston – The Clay Lady


Created for Blissfields Craft area 2017. This raw clay sculpture was built on site. A wood & wire armature supports the 60kg of terracotta clay. Built over the course of one day




2016 – Imogen Charleston – A Life Aquatic Plastic (this is not a depository) At the end of 2015 I was already developing an idea for an installation that was inspired by earlier works.

The installation will be be produced over several development weeks and will incorporate reuse of waste materials to produce physical objects relating to marine aquatic life. These pieces will be illuminated using LED lamps. The installation will also have an immersive soundscape that will be preformed live to produce real time surround sound.

2015 – The Paper Cinema – Copenhagen Puppet Festival, Copenhagen: Commission as part of the festival to develop a story based around the history of Vesterbro.

2015- The Paper Cinema -Hong Kong International Arts Festival Hong Kong; Working with a group of 25 students to write, create and perform their own Paper Cinema style stories.

2014 – The Paper Cinema – Bristol Puppetry Festival, Bristol; Working in collaboration with local artists and musicians to devise and perform a story inspired by the city.

2010 – The Paper Cinema – Escrita na Pasagem Festival, Portugal; development time which was used to work on The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey, culminating in a performance.

2008- Imogen Charleston – Japan; To rennovate a small hostel. Including upcycling old furniture, using reclaimed paint, and painting sea themed murals around the walls.

2008 – Imogen Charleston – New Zealand; Assisting established potter Juanita Endelmann to produce work for her studio, while learning wheel throwing techniques.